LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Supply shortages could be forcing your favorite restaurant to change its menu. Some eateries are scrambling for substitute items, while others are marking dishes as unavailable.

Las Vegas has such an enormous food scene that it’s hard to imagine seeing many menu items unavailable, but restaurants like Lola’s authentic cajun restaurant in Summerlin are still trying to do everything they can to keep their customers happy. Their kitchen staff is finding their way around not being able to use their key ingredients.

“I dream a lot of things but this is not one of them that I would have ever put together,” said Lola’s owner Lola Pokorny.

Many of the signature dishes at Lola’s require special ingredients straight from Louisiana like andouille sausage and Leidenheimer bread. The restaurant just got a shipment of the popular bread, but for the longest time they had to go without it, and the problem now is they don’t know when the next shipment will come in.

“You go to a restaurant to get that favorite dish and it’s not available, it’s so disappointing, and I don’t want to disappoint my guests,” the owner said.

Because of the shortage, Pokorny is trying to see if local bakers can get the job done and help provide the dish.

“It’s been a good substitute, but nothing’s ever going to be like Leidenheimer,” the owner explained.

Some reasons for the supply shortage are connected to pandemic-related worker shortages and recent hurricanes in Louisiana, which have been leading to delivery issues.

In some Wolfgang Puck restaurants, lamb chops might also be crossed off their menus.

“We don’t want to keep raising prices, we try to limit the hit ourselves and try not to pass on the increase on customers,” said Director of Procurement Scott Irestone.

These restaurants are doing their best to adjust to the never-ending surprises this pandemic has brought. At Lola’s, the owner said she would be giving herself four weeks to see if the supply issues are fixed. If they aren’t, she stated she would take measures into her own hands and start making the sausage she is short of in-house.