LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — DeCarlo McKeithan and his wife have been working hard, moving ever forward toward their dream of opening Kay’s Kitchen in the west valley.

“When I found this space, I thought it would be the perfect location for a deli,” he recounted to 8 News Now. He discovered it while visiting Las Vegas last year for his birthday. “I decided to do a small takeout restaurant. My wife has always wanted to cook, so I decided to do a small, American-style takeout restaurant.”

The eatery, which is located near the intersection of North Rainbow and Washington, recently faced an unfortunate setback, though. On July 30, McKeithan says the driver of a red Toyota pick-up truck hit the front of their restaurant, damaging it, and fled the scene.

“I could really use the community’s help in trying to track this guy down,” he said. Footage of the incident can be seen in the video above.

He tells us construction has been difficult, as they’ve worked on the restaurant over the past year.

“The difficulty has been, as far as construction, is getting reliable contractors, good, licensed contractors. See, you can find a lot of people that want to work, but you can’t find the licensed contractors that are able to do the work inside of the pandemic.”

He says getting the window replaced has also been hard and that he’s only heard back from one of the four companies he’s contacted.

When Kay’s Kitchen does open, it will be the perfect place where you can find “American food cooked from the heart!

If you have any information about the truck or driver, please contact McKeithan at