LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One local animal rescue is trying to save a dog from being euthanized however, their ties with The Animal Foundation have recently been severed. The rescue said they are no longer able to rescue dogs from the Animal Foundation, and now it wants answers.

Diana England, the owner of A Home 4 Spot, shared with 8 News Now the issues her organization has been having with Animal Foundation.

“We hear everything that goes on, but there is always someone there willing to stick up for a dog and let us know what is going on inside the Animal Foundation,” England said.

What was once a partnership, has now been broken as the rescue is no longer able to rescue dogs from The Animal Foundation. Specifically, dogs that are up for euthanization like Chaze who was found near Durango and Lone Mountain last week.

Angie Swayze, a volunteer for A Home 4 Spot, created a petition which has reached almost 1,000 signatures to help save Chaze’s life.

Chaze (Credit: Vickie Spence)

“They said that he was dangerous. Too dangerous to release to anyone and that they were going to humanly euthanize him despite the fact that A Home for Spot has trainers and were willing to take on that responsibility and the liability,” Swayze said.

The Animal Foundation released the following statement to 8 News Now:

The Animal Foundation has a responsibility to the community not to release dogs that have presented in multiple instances to be dangerous. This dog does not meet the criteria for transfer based on a behavior assessment.

The Animal Foundation

As of Saturday, Chaze is still alive and remains at the Animal Foundation.

As for the severed ties with A Home for Spot, the Animal Foundation said that the matter of Chaze is unrelated to their decision to end their partnership with the rescue. It said that it is related to the lack of respect and professionalism the foundation has received from the rescue.