Local party rental family business evolves to keep business afloat

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — COVID-19 numbers keep rising, and many Valley family businesses continue to be impacted by the pandemic.

8 News Now spoke to one party rental business who says they will continue to innovate themselves in order to keep the business afloat.

“Family, what it means to me, you know, we’re a team, we always try to maintain our good bond,” said Rochelle Hernandez Cortes of Discount Party Rentals LV.

Hernandez works at the business with her family. It’s a business they started nearly a decade ago in California.

“To me, it basically means my whole life,” explained Hernandez. “I remember being like 2-years-old. I’m 20 right now.”

She says her parents’ goal was to start a small business and give their children more opportunities.

Business started booming for them in Las Vegas about three years ago.

“Especially around this time, May, June, July, there’s graduations, and we would always be busy graduation times,” recalled Hernandez. “But with the pandemic, everybody has to cancel their parties.”

She says this past Fourth of July weekend was their busiest since Thanksgiving.

They attribute their business success to a few things: value, prices and their willingness to comply with Gov. Steve Sisolak’s mandates. They’ve even purchased a special cleaning machine that helps disinfect the rental equipment.

“Before we touch anything, any of the equipment, when we pick up, we have to spray it, and before we deliver, as well, we wipe everything down with Clorox,” Hernandez explained.

Her message tonight?

“We’re trying to maintain our life, as well, we are trying to make a living, as well … I know I work for a party business company, but you know, with all of this, try to maintain your parties small.”

Hernandez says their most expensive products are heavy-duty tents, and their least expensive are chairs and tables.

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