LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — From car accidents, to burns, to medical procedures — a local organization is trying to remove scars and help those living with them, realize they are still beautiful.

“I asked God what is it that I need to do and he told me to create an organization to remind the world that their scars are beautiful,” said Michelle Hardy Rodriguez — founder of My Scars Are Beautiful.

Rodriguez, who was left with scars after a car accident, started this in 2016. Her organization helps raise funds for people to undergo operations that would otherwise not be covered by insurance. The group also supports each other.

Many of them stopped by 8 News Now to share their experiences.

Bruce Weisberg is one of those group members. He was hurt 19 years ago in a head-on car crash. He says his left front tire popped on a county road, forcing him in to the other lane, where he hit another car. Below is a before-and-after look at Weisberg’s injuries.

He says he doesn’t let his injuries hold him back. Weisberg says life is too short for that. Others in the group joined in, saying they are thankful for what Rodriguez has been able to do for them through this organization.

“I really credit what Michelle has done with getting me physically and mentally back to a place where I felt comfortable in my body again,” said Joyce McKenna.

 “She supports us you know by getting us together and doing outings, dinners and a bunch of guys and girls that are wearing scars internally externally,” said Jorge Hernandez.

The organization is having a fundraiser Saturday called “Paint for a Cause.” It will be at Pole Position Raceway on Arville near Flamingo from 6 to 9pm.