Local nurse shares PPE concerns from inside Henderson Hospital

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HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — 8 News Now has been reporting extensively on the nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment, or PPE and how that’s affecting health care workers here in Nevada.

8 News Now talked with a local nurse who shared why she’s worried about what’s happening at her hospital. The nurse works at Henderson Hospital, and she claims they have the PPE right now, but some staff are not being allowed to use it.

The nurse wants to remain anonymous. She’s one of several healthcare workers concerned about losing her job if she speaks publically. She claims Henderson Hospital is restricting mask usage for nurses, only allowing them to be worn if staff are dealing directly with a confirmed or presumptive COVID-19 patient.

She says the hospital wants to maintain their supply of N-95 masks and also that wearing them could scare patients. But she believes any nurse should be allowed to use them.

“It’s not only frustrating, it’s terrifying,” the nurse told 8 News Now. “We’re concerned that we’ve been exposed. It’s gone two weeks now that I know we’ve had COVID patients in our hospital that we have not been provided the adequate protective equipment, so I don’t know what I’ve been exposed to.”

Henderson Hospital is part of the Valley Health System. A media representative told 8 News Now this week, that:”We are following CDC-approved personal protection equipment (PPE) guidelines for working with all patients. This includes providing masks to all clinical staff who are working with rule-out COVID-19 patients and positive covid-19 patients.”

Valley Hospitals further clarified that rule-out patients are those suspected of having the coronavirus, but their test results are still pending.

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