LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– As monsoon season continues, flood channels across the valley are being filled with raging water. Which is incredibly dangerous for the homeless individuals living throughout the more than 600 miles of tunnels in Clark County.

Two people died in August in flood channels after heavy rain fell across parts of Las Vegas.

Shine a Light, a local non-profit that goes into the tunnels and rescues the homeless population, said its mission is to help. Outreach director Robert Banghart said he tries to help the displaced because he was once living in the same conditions.

“I’ve healed from a lot of things I’ve went through out there by going back and giving back,” said Banghart. “And it’s also a very good reminder. Like where I could end up, where I have been. It keeps me very humble, it keeps me very grateful, but, it’s also given me purpose, to go back to the same place and help more people.”

Shine a Light was founded nine years ago by author Matt Obrien and provides referrals to community partners that help accommodate instant placement with access to treatment and housing for the people experiencing homelessness in the greater Las Vegas area.