LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We’re days away from the end of the school year in the Clark County School District, but summer can be a challenge for some families.

For students who rely on food at school, local organizations stand ready to make sure no child is hungry.

Project 150 has provided so much for students across the valley, and the nonprofit organization is making it known that just because the school year is ending doesn’t mean its services will stop.

The organization provides food, clothes, and hygiene products for students across the valley, and all they need to show is their student ID.

With the pandemic still in effect and supply-chain shortages impacting consumers, it has been a struggle, community outreach manager Stacy Chapter told 8 News Now.

“There were people who needed a little handout to get them through and we were here for them,” Chapter said. “There are now restrictions on buying quantities, so that has been a problem for us because we can’t just run to Sam’s Club and Costco and get the pallets of food we need, so when we order out of boxed warehouses in California, certain items are back-ordered and that throws off our food line.”

Chapter noted that the facility is open to students Monday through Friday, with food distribution being a top priority, especially in the summer months.

“We also have fresh bags with produce and dairy, as well as bags with meat and pizza and vegetables, so that is a good contribution to the household they are staying at,” she continued.

Project 150 Scholarship recipient Skylar Goodall said the amount of help the organization provides, from scholarship funds to food and clothes, made it possible for her to succeed.

“I don’t know if I would have been able to go at the speed I did through school… I was in nursing school and they really accounted for that,” she said. “You get to shop for your clothes and pick your clothes, instead of feeling like something is being picked for you. I did sports in high school so a lot of times I’d get food, and I’m assuming it was through them.”

Project 150 said it goes through about 400 bags of food per week and are already gearing up for its back-to-school shopping event at the end of July.