LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Having a dream to start your own business doesn’t have to be an impossible goal. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, black business owners in the Las Vegas area said they are taking Dr. King’s dream to the next level by working together. 

Hasan Tesfa, 34, started his own Sea Moss Prime wellness drink business. 

“Sea Moss is an algae, one of the many things that has anti-inflammatory benefits,” Tesfa said. 

It’s something Tesfa said he grew up with in Jamaica, but wanted to introduce to the Las Vegas market, and starting wasn’t easy. 

“It was a lot of ‘why you?’ I had to establish myself, give out samples and be consistent. I had to show where I got it from and make sure it was certified,” Tesfa said. 

That is where Global Soko, a nonprofit dedicated to helping other black-owned businesses like Tesfa get a boost, came in. 

“We have digital tools that allow people to get access to microfinancing and e-commerce systems that allow people to go global,” Director of Operations for Global Soko Tommy Richardson said. 

8 News Now met up with Richardson at the Monday Martin Luther King Junior Day parade. 

“We are allowing the people who MLK addressed, which is the world, to take empowerment to the next level,” Richardson said. 

It is businesses like Tesfa’s that Global Soko took to the next level by helping him get his website started to reach a diverse audience. 

It is something Tesfa said he doesn’t take lightly while remembering Dr. King. 

“Toward the end of his life, he was really big on black empowerment. For me, being an entrepreneur, that means everything,” Tesfa said. 

Global Soko has helped more than 4,000 businesses get started. If you would like to know more about the nonprofit click here.

To try Sea Moss Prime, you can visit their website or go to the several stores that sell them:

  • Herbally Grounded, located at 10345 S. Eastern Ave
  • Herbally Grounded, located at 4441 W. Charleston Blvd
  • Natural Life CBD Kratom Kava, located at 10624 S. Eastern Ave Unit O
  • 9th Island Kava Lounge, located at 5447 S. Rainbow Blvd Unit E7