LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The weekend before school starts in Clark County, families in the downtown area were invited to make use of some free resources available so children can have a successful school year.

All thanks to Business Network International and the local non-profit Faith In Humanity.

Hairdresser Lauren Thomas is just one of the hundreds of business owners helping students who are homeless or less fortunate to have a fresh start on their first day, with free haircuts, clothes, and supplies.

“I know these moms and dads are working as hard as they can possibly work and I’m grateful we can give back to them as well,” said Thomas.

The need for free resources was evident in the hundreds of families that gathered near east Charleston and Chapman drive.

Business Network International helps provide funding for local businesses and charities to give back.

“They have a future,” said Kevin Barber, Chairman of Business Network International Foundation, “and however small they feel, however unfortunate they are they have a chance to make them into something good.