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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Should the school district consider a change to school lunchtimes? One local mom thinks they should and even started a petition to increase the time kids get to eat lunch and spend at recess.

Lacey Steinmetz has an 8-year-old daughter in elementary school and she says she doesn’t have enough time to finish her food, so she’s starving by the time school is out. So, Steinmetz did some research and found out the time alotted for lunch at schools within CCSD is a guideline of roughly 20 minutes based on the CDC’s recommendation. But that time does not include the time the children spend waiting in line, or using the restroom.

Lacey says she has gathered some five thousand signatures from other parents, who would like to see the guideline for lunch changed at least at the elementary school level.

“All of us parents are asking for the same request; [a] statewide initiative, determined and supported by dept of agriculture and dairy, requesting 30 minutes to eat, 30 minutes to play,” Steinmetz said.

But the Clark County School District says it’s balancing everything out as best as it can. The district sent the following statement:

“The district’s regulation regarding student wellness is intended to promote student participation in healthy eating, physical activity, and general wellness. Schools work to balance the required time for meals and physical activity with the required academic minutes to ensure a rich and rigorous education for students.”

Lacey says she’s still patiently waiting for a response from her local county commissioner.

For the link to the petition, click here.

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