Local man’s program provides housing for recovering addicts

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One valley man has devoted his life to second chances with his program “A Sober Life L.L.C.” 

The home gives recovering addicts a place to eat, sleep and shower for just a small monthly fee. 

“For me this house has saved my life,” recovering addict and  Sober Life house manager Darla Bethea said.  “I’ve struggled with addiction all of my life.”

Bethea told 8 News NOW how her struggles turned into success with the help of program owner and operator Ed Burke.

“If it wasn’t one thing it was another,” Bethea added. “If it wasn’t one drug it was another drug.”

For decades, the Army veteran’s addiction swallowed every second of every day. Now she’s six months sober, turning distant goals into tangible realities.

“The only concentration I had to worry about was me,” Bethea said of her experience. “And I’ve never had that before in my life.”

Ed Burke said he started Sober Life L.L.C. in August 2018 to create a safe space for recovering addicts. He gives people like Bethea a structured space while they work to start over. 

“I get to help them,” Burke said. “They are helping me because they are teaching me about a different aspect of life and some other struggles I’ve never had to deal with.”

Burke assigns written rules, chores and concrete goals to anyone making the six-bedroom house home. He also holds weekly house meetings and lends endless emotional support through the process. 

“Everywhere you turn you are looking at something that is motivational and positive,” Burke said as he referenced the home’s decorations. 

Above anything else, Burke wants to reinforce a sense of purpose for anyone brave enough to build a new life. 

“It’s a constant journey,” Burke said of recovery. “It will be a lifelong journey until the day they die.”

“I know that once I leave here, I can go out and live a successful life,” Bethea said as she referenced photos of her newly rekindled family.  “I’m free. I have a freedom now.”

The A Sober Life L.L.C.’s program are open six days a week. 

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