Local man shares continued unemployment struggles after DETR changes are announced

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A local man shared his continued struggles with Nevada unemployment Thursday, after Governor Sisolak announced sweeping changes to the system to help more people in need. 

“It feels like it’s just putting a Band-Aid on a leak in a ship,” Cannon Kolb said of his reaction to Governor Sisolak’s announcement of change and planned action. 

Kolb hasn’t seen a paycheck since he was furloughed on March 17; he said he’s barely scraping by with help from family and friends. 

“It doesn’t feel like much is happening,” Kolb said of the state unemployment process and his lack of payment. “Because like I said, I’m going on five months now and haven’t seen a dime of it.”

Kolb is one of thousands across our state in this exact spot, which is why Governor Steve Sisolak announced several sweeping changes to The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation Thursday. 

“I want you to know I hear you,” Sisolak said during a press conference in Carson City. “I am listening and I am taking action.”

Governor Sisolak first signed Senate Bill 3 into law, which intends to provide DETR with more flexibility to more quickly connect claimants with benefits.

SB3 will also extend the number of weeks Nevadans are eligible for additional benefits through the coronavirus crisis. The bill only uses federal funding. 

The governor also announced the inception of a “strike force” on employment insurance, which will be lead by former Speaker of the Nevada Assembly, Barbara Buckley. 

The strike force will focus on tackling fraudulent claims and addressing a large backlog of DETR’s unemployment filings. 

“I need to do everything I can to keep people working,” Sisolak said. “And for people who are not working, to extend those benefits as long as humanly possible.”

Governor Sisolak also appointed Elisa Cafferata as the acting director of DETR. The governor said he is also conducting a search for a permanent director. 

However, no matter what comes from our state leaders, Kolb said he’ll only get on board when he sees real change. 

“Get it together please,” he concluded. “Nevadans are struggling.”

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