LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new event aimed at encouraging children to read isn’t sitting well with some parents. Henderson libraries is hosting “A Drag Queen Storytime” throughout the summer.

Some find it fun, and others want it shut down.

Diversity Divas Story Hour is part of Green Valley Library’s mission to celebrate diversity and encourage inclusion from all walks of life. Those with the library say they know the importance of making their space welcoming to all. Part of that goal includes providing free access to materials, programs, and services for all of our diverse community.

Last month they held their first drag queen story time at the Paseo Verde Library. A second event is also planned for this Saturday at the Green Valley Library. The unique program has been met with polarizing reactions from local families.

“It just seems that this seed that they’re trying to plant is going to confuse them, Lisa Zabriskie said. “I’m very concerned about the oversexualization of our education.”

On the other side, some support what the library is doing.

“It’s a good time to get these children into the library get them listening to books and stories because so many of our children aren’t reading,” Mimi Premo said.

Some of the books that will be featured are: “Neither” by Airlie Anderson and “Just Add Glitter” by Angela Diterlizzi and Samantha Cotterill.

A third Diversity Divas Storytime will be offered at the Gibson Library on October 5.