LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Thousands of Southern Nevadans are struggling as they know the possibility of eviction is near.

“Eviction is a very sensitive and emotionally charged issue,” said President of Home Means Nevada, Shannon Chambers. 

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s eviction moratorium expires at the end of the month and the CDC’s eviction moratorium expires on July 1st, but local leaders have come up with a new program that would help these tenants stay in their homes.

“To see a thoughtful plan come together, that links tenants with legal assistance and mediation is very encouraging as we see the moratorium lift,” said Jim Berchtold with Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada. 

The program is called, “Southern Nevada Eviction Prevention Program.”

It has a variety of resources for tenants and landlords to use while figuring out their next step. Assistant County Manager Kevin Schiller says multiple agencies are joining efforts.

“What this will allow for is a connection point between mediators and the CHAP rental assistance program in Clark county; In conjunction with the courts,” said Schiller.

There are steps Nevadans facing eviction should take during the following weeks and months ahead. 

“Step number one is a tenant needs to see if they are eligible, sign a CDC declaration and give it to their landlord,” said Berchtold.

“Step two, a tenant needs to apply for rental assistance through the CHAP program. Step three, if a tenant gets an eviction notice, the tenant must file an answer with the justice court. Step four, when the tenant files that answer with the court, the tenant needs to elect mediation,” he explained.

Currently, there is about $160 million dollars available for rental assistance, which is expected to be enough to help 40,000 households.