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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Voters here say they want to hear candidates talk about issues that impact people her in our valley. As we’ve seen in previous debates, audience members may get to ask questions tonight.

Yucca Mountain, the use of federal land, healthcare plans — the list goes on. Nevada democrats want candidates to be very specific.

Las Vegas was in the national spotlight when the city passed the controversial ordinance banning sleeping or camping in public places.

Here are four more viewpoints voters want candidates to tackle.

“I would like some kind of cohesive healthcare for all,” said voter Robyn Roberts. “I’m in favor of that. Others aren’t.”

“I’m very much in term of anyone in favor of term limits,” said voter Gertrude Ricks. “Congress has been in power too long.”

“Gun control is going to be significant in Nevada, like it is in the other Western states,” said voter David Michael.

“There’s shootings all over America, especially in the schools,” said voter Elizabeth Eden. “For the children, it’s just a terrible thing.”

We asked the same folks about Michael Bloomberg stepping on stage for the first time. Most of them weren’t too thrilled about it.

It’ll be interesting to see how Bloomberg will try to connect with voters here in our state because he’s not on our ballot Saturday.

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