LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several thousand dollars worth of equipment was stolen from a local warehouse. It belonged to a popular illusionist named Dan Sperry. Sperry performs at “The Griffin” every week. But, he was forced to cancel his shows until he can find a way to get it back.

Sperry is known for his unhinged and eccentric humor on stage. He’s amassed hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans online. 

On Wednesday night, Sperry’s warehouse was broken into near Valley View Blvd. and Hacienda Avenue.

Surveillance video captures two people jumping out of a jeep. They steal his tools, props, sound equipment, and lighting.

“They didn’t seem too worried. They seemed like they knew what they were going for,” he said. 

But, that’s not all. The thieves also found Sperry’s spare key inside of the warehouse.

“To do what they did and everything else was like next level.”

So, they took his van too. 

“Anybody that’s been burglarized and probably seen it and know what I’m talking about, it’s very like; you feel very invaded,” Sperry said. 

Sperry believes he was targeted.

“Everything else was pretty much taken and is gone, you know.”

The surveillance video doesn’t give a clear image of the thieves, but he’s hoping someone may know something.