Local haunted house steps up security for spooky Halloween experience

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With Halloween just about a week away, haunted houses are all the rage in Las Vegas. 

How do these scary spots make your skin crawl while keeping everyone safe? 

8 News NOW took a behind the scenes tour with a local security team from Opportunity Village to see the entire process. 

“Prepare to be scared,” Safety and Security Manager Steve Luce said. 

Luce explained the efforts to crank up the creep factor while staying secure as the attraction is a hair-raising haunt.

“I feel really good about what we’ve been able to accomplish,” Luce added.  “Everybody is very safe.”

Before anyone can creak through the cloak of goblins and ghouls, all guests must complete a full security screening. 

“I think everybody feels a lot better having to go through security once they get on board,” Luce said. 

Once customers finish a bag check, each person also gets a metal detector sweep.

“Now we have the guards by the front gates before you even come on the property” Luce explained. “Screening people, their bags for contraband, weapons.”

Actors are also completely checked as they come on board to scare patrons. The entertainers go through vigorous vetting and meet for briefings before every show. 

The spooky setup has several emergency exits to get out of the shadows. Staff members have specific instructions to help guests outside if the experience is too overwhelming. 

“If they see that somebody is panicked and out of control,” Luce said. “They can call a time out and take them out one of the emergency exits.”

Luce hopes the safety procedures can help everyone have fun without real life fear this Halloween season. 

“You know this is really cool what we do,” Luce added. “The whole part, not just the haunt.”

For more information on the Opportunity Village “HallOVeen House,” click here.  

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