LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Some medical specialists around the Valley are staying open to help their patients. 8 News Now spoke with a gynecologist who is taking steps to ensure the women in his office are safe.

While the fear of COVID-19 has caused some patients to not want to leave their homes, Dr. George Chambers, Jr. of Chambers & Associates says women’s health is essential, and it should not be put off during this time.

To keep everyone safe, Chambers is only seeing one patient in the office at a time. They’ll wait in their cars until the staff is ready. Once they’re at the door, each patient has their temperature taken.

“We’re here, the doors are open; you can rely on us,” said Chambers. “It’s important you come in.”

Chambers is still able to see patients for essential procedures and visits. His sub-specialty of cosmetic gynecologic surgery is deemed elective and has been postponed until it’s safe to do so.

“I think it’s a smart idea, that things that can wait be put off,” said Chambers. “Stay home so you can live another day, and those benign surgeries can be done another day.”

While some doctors have turned to telemedicine to help their patients, Chambers told us that’s not an option for him.

“It’s good for discussing results with patients, for doing consultations that do not require examination,” noted Chambers. “But the nature of what we do does not allow for telemedicine.”

Chambers said this is not the time for women to put off visits or essential procedures. Minor issues can become problems if not taken care of.

“I want the women in Las Vegas to know, your obstetrician gynecologist, we’re here. You can trust us; you can depend on us; you can believe in us. We’re afraid like you are, but we’re not going anywhere.”