LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Staffing issues have been an ongoing problems for months, but for the past few weeks businesses are also dealing with staff getting sick on top of fewer employees. It has become a major concern for some grocery store managers.

A Marketon Supermarket 8 News Now visited is dealing with these issues, but is managing to keep the shelves stocked. “We [have] been doing business during the pandemic for the last 20 months now,” Bryan Wachter, Senior Vice President of the Retail Association of Nevada said. “We have learned a lot and following the science.”

Wachter said grocers have been working diligently despite COVID cases rising. He reminds customers there’s no reason to change their shopping habits but to also be prepared to find alternate brands, “I will say that you might find a product that’s out your special product. Your favorite brand might be out up and we ask folks to be a little flexible like that, or check another store.”

Watcher added that as the pandemic stretches on, almost all retailers are looking at how they’re providing compensation such as providing bonuses and raising base pay.

The Marketon Supermarket 8 News Now was at has bumped up pay. “We gave raises to all the employees,” Marketon Supermarket District Manager said. “[I was] just to keep the ones we have because everybody [is] fighting for help.”

Estrada said during and after the holidays he saw a spike in employees getting sick. “In in some of the areas we had to close early,” Estrada said. “We have big lines sometimes, we are doing our best to serve the community.”

Grocers remind customers to be patient with them as many employees are working extra hours.