LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Restaurants across the valley are working hard to stay open amidst the pandemic. With strict health guidelines and capacity limits, it has been a challenge for many to bring in customers.

8 News Now went to The Plate Bar and Grill near Lamb and Sahara to see how they’re drawing in people.

The eatery is covered in hundreds of holiday decorations and lights. Each area has its own display, including the bathroom, the stage and the dining area, with its very own 2020 Christmas tree made out of toilet paper.

The owner tells us that this year brought tremendous challenges, and she wants to end it on a bright note.

“We have our steady crowd, and I want them to be happy here because they have kept us going through all of this,” said Laurie Everts.

Everts and her team started decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Most of the decorations are donated from customers and friends. Everts tells us this holiday cheer is needed after more than eight months of struggling to make ends meet.

“It’s been horrible,” she lamented. “It’s been scary. It’s been crying, screaming, not sleeping.”

Now, Everts hopes this winter wonderland will bring in customers, like Andy Streebel, who want a little bit of normalcy during an otherwise difficult year.

“It’s awesome. I’m kind of bah-humbug,” said Streebel. “When I was young, I loved Christmas, but I’m older. Coming here, it gets you back in the spirit.”

Although Everts says it has been difficult to keep up with changing guidelines, she will do whatever she needs to stay open.

“We’re looking to end the year great, hopefully, in spite of what comes with restrictions and everything,” she said. “We’re going to do what we’re doing and keep pushing on.”

While many businesses like The Plate were able to make it work, some had to permanently close their doors. The Nevada Restaurant Association projects that 30% of restaurants will close by the end of the year due to the pandemic.