In April, a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix was attacked by a dog inside of the Horseman and Dog Fanciers Park near Tropicana Avenue and Boulder Highway. 

After the attack, pet owners hung fliers up demanding change.

“Somebody can do something. All we need is a sign. A sign put up. That’s it,” Robert Jones said at the time. 

Clark County officials have finally stepped in. 

“We’ve heard enough concerns where we as a county decided that we need to take a step to help mitigate,” said Daniel Hernandez, the Director of Parks and Recreation. 

Fences were put up to divide the area. It will separate the smaller dogs from the larger ones. 

“If we see an area that has a dog that either we’ve had a history with that has started a fight before or we’re not sure about or just the size of the dog, it’s really nice to have those different options to go into a different area to still feel like you’re safe,” said Heather Ferris.

Crystal Mouzon’ dog, Bingo, died in the attack. 

“Bingo was a happy, go-lucky dog. Yup; He was my heart. He was my heart,” she said.  

It’s an example of the power of the people. 

“You can’t always stop every situation that happens because we don’t have staff here and going to a dog park you do have to be aware of your surroundings, but in creating these kinds of situations we’re at least able to take one extra concern off the place,” said Hernandez.