LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Christmas is just around the corner and it’s now crunch time for all the last-minute gift shoppers.

“Holiday shopping is in fully swing, so we’ve been very busy in-store and online,” Abbie Renzema said.

The team at Abbie Ren Illustration and Local Oasis are preparing packages to arrive before Christmas.

“People are still ordering, we’re trying to get packages out as fast as possible. My team, we try to get every order out within a couple of days,” Renzema says.

Renzema says she relies on ground shipping for all of her online orders, which typically takes anywhere from 1 to 8 days.

For months, shipping companies warned that supply chain issues and infrastructure problems could create delays around the holidays.

“There’s less pressure around the holidays, we’re getting less emails of people frantically looking for their packages,” Renzema said.

Although Wednesday is the last day USPS and FedEx can guarantee ground shipments by Christmas, there are other options, including express delivery.

“You can print maybe a picture of it and wrap it and tell them it’s on their way. I’m sure people don’t mind getting a little something after the holidays,” Renzema added.