LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Rev up those engines as one of the biggest international racing events is set to ignite in in Las Vegas in Nov. 2023.

The Formula 1 racing event, which is typically held overseas, is being held on the Las Vegas Strip for the first time in decades.

“We hope that we get a lot of tourists who haven’t been to Vegas try to rent with us, obviously won’t be able to drive on the las Vegas strip track, but cruise around in a nice ride,” said Edwin Balaoro, Manager at LVC Exotics.

LVC Exotics is one of the only exotic rental companies located directly on the strip. Balaoro says with the announcement of “Formula 1” coming here to Las Vegas, he is pumped for what it means for his business.

“For us it’s going to be really good since we specialize in exotic rentals and luxury rentals and it’s going to bring a whole different demographic to Las Vegas and a lot more tourists for us that we’ve never seen before,” he said

LVC Exotics gets most of its clientele through walk-ins, and currently has about 30 cars in its fleet. Many of the cars are similar to what is seen at Formula 1.

The international racing event is described as a four-day-and-night sports and entertainment program with racing taking place from Nov.16 through Nov. 18.

“We do hope to sell out during that week. Usually, we sell out on the weekends, but it would be nice to sell out on the weekdays as well,” Balaoro shared.