LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Over 50 local businesses were in attendance at the Clark County Amphitheater grounds for a small business even on Saturday, with the goal of supporting local business owners and increasing their opportunities for success.

Chantal D’larenti owns A Taste of Coffee, a roasting and tasting room in Henderson.

She opened her shop 2 months before the pandemic.

She said it’s not only important to receive community support but for other businesses to support each other.

Small business owners attend a local community event.

“We wouldn’t be without our locals, so one of the things we give back to is that we have baked goods that we actually bring into small local businesses,” said D’larenti.  “One example is the Aussie project, they make Australian meat pies and we’re really super excited because they’re going to have them in store next week.”

Aussie Project Restaurant owner Alex Biffin said they first started selling meat pies to friends and family before the business started to grow and partnerships like these are a good way to reach new patrons and make connections.

“I’ve actually joined a group, it’s a big business group and their whole outlook is helping each other out,” added Biffin. “I just really adopted that, I really love that. I love the comradery and community spirit.”

Kristina Amos, owner of Bella Naturals, said this is a great event to network.

While she was lucky to have built a base of loyal customers prior to the pandemic, she knows not everyone is as lucky…

“So those customers kept me alive and that was so important for me during COVID times,” explained Amos. “That’s  another reason for the community support because you keep us alive.”