LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There has been a lot of talk about the big-name residencies and high-tech amenities at Resorts World, but there is also a lot of excitement about its convention space.

We are just days away from the grand opening of the newest property on the Las Vegas Strip. With its amount of meeting space and location, local businesses and experts are optimistic about the opportunities at Resorts World.

“We’re certainly embracing them,” said Tony Carnevale, owner of Carnevale Gallery.

Tony Carnevale

He is ready for the resort to open — not only for its glitz and glamour, but also for the event space.

“It’s extremely exciting for me,” Carnevale shared.

He hosts art and photography shows, and with more than 250,000-square-feet of event space, Carnevale says Resorts World is the perfect place to capitalize on a different clientele.

“There’ll be a new crowd of people, new attraction, new people will be coming to see it,” he said. “[I would] love the opportunity to showcase my work there.”

Take it one step further, and Resorts World is poised to be a new hub in Las Vegas’ convention industry.

Michele Tell is a local business owner and the founder of The Signs of Tarot and Constellation Spirits Catering. She reads tarot cards and caters cocktails during conventions. Tell says it is good news that Resorts World is entering the convention business space.

“The more businesses that come in, the more trade shows, the more we get hired as local companies. It really does feed into the local economy,” she said.

Michele Tell

Resorts World is also a stone’s throw away from the Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion.

But can a new resort break into the convention marketplace?

“I think in the short term, there will be a lot of competition,” said UNLV gaming historian David G. Schwartz. “I think they need to make a compelling case to groups they’re a good place to have a meeting.”

Experts add that there will eventually be room for everyone.

“Many of these conventions are big. They are bigger than one facility. Having additional space allows them to have city-wide activation,” said Jeremy Aguero, principal analyst for Applied Analysis.

Local businesses are prepared.

“If there’s an opportunity there, in particular, I’d love to jump on it,” Carnevale said.

Resorts World also has six ballrooms, which can double as space for exhibitors, as other properties have done. Guests will finally get a glimpse of that space — and the rest of the property — once its doors finally open for the very first time this Thursday night.