LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the water level at Lake Mead sinks and gas prices continue to increase, how are you supposed to have fun in the great outdoors?

Adapting to the circumstances is the name of the game of a business owner, and Skiwi Rentals has been seeing some changes.

The local business has seen steady business over the years, but with more families looking to get outside while social distancing, rentals in Henderson were seeing a substantial flow of customers.

However, business owner Craig Kelling said that while this time of year is usually busy, inflation and low water levels are impacting his business.

As a way to keep his doors open, he’s opened up another shop called Skiwi Marines which does repair services and upholstery work on boats and jet skis. It’s even renting out paddle boards and kayaks as another option for families looking to have fun while saving a few bucks this summer.

“You see these ski rentals, normally this time of the year at least two-thirds of those will be out right now. But with the lake going down people are having problems getting into the lake. There are only 2 lanes open, we’re suggesting people go out to Willow Beach, Cotton Cove, or Lake Mojave,” Kelling said.

Kelling said he’s not the only business owner who’s had to make changes. He mentioned that he anticipates water levels at Lake Mead to drop more over the summer, and is opening up a U-TV tour business by the start of labor day weekend.

If you don’t want to drive too far, Lake Las Vegas also offers some family-friendly activities where you can bring your paddleboard and kayak to enjoy, too.