LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Starting at midnight, all employees working inside in public spaces, will need to wear a mask. Clark County commissioners passed this mandate, in the hopes of bringing down our rising COVID-19 cases.

8 News Now spoke to some local businesses, to see how they are preparing.

By tomorrow morning, all staff at Rachel’s Kitchen will be required to wear a mask. This will apply to employees in the front and in the kitchen.

This mask mandate is coming just days before Debbie Roxarzade opens a new location at Town Square. Reactions from her team have varied, with some who continued to wear their mask and others who were excited to have it off.

“It’s been mixed across the board since the mask mandate was lifted,” said Roxarzade. “I don’t think anyone is completely surprised that the change is going to happen.”

While some are worried this could be indicative of more restrictions to come, Roxarzade says they are in this together.

Over at Buttercup Baby Company, owner Brenda Diaz never stopped requiring her employees to wear masks, due to the families that come in and many customers not wearing masks.

“We do not know if they’ve been vaccinated, we are not able to ask if they’ve been vaccinated,” Diaz said. “So, I just wanted to make sure our staff in the store is completely safe.”

At this point, Diaz and Roxarzade are not requiring customers to wear a mask. Diaz did previously but noticed a dip in business.

The employee mask mandate will last until august 17th. Clark County commissioners will then revisit the issue.