LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “It’s horrible, you lose everything in one moment, ” Yulaaiaa Palamarchuck said.

It’s been several months since she arrived in the U.S. from Ukraine.

She operated a beauty salon back home and was forced to leave after the Russian invasion.

Thankfully, she had the help of Ohad Elimelech, a business partner.

Ohad is the CEO of Jouvence Eternelle, a skincare line on the Strip and at the airport with other locations in Europe and Asia.

With an already established connection in Ukraine, he felt compelled to help. He even headed to Poland and the Ukraine border to deliver essential supplies while picking up families to bring them to refugee camps.

“Then the U.S. government started a program ‘Uniting for Ukraine’ which gave us the opportunity to sponsor people to come to the U.S. from Ukraine,” said Elimelech. “We started with just one or two to see that it works. Now we already have over here 15 or 16 Ukraine people and another 5 that applied to get approved. So the system works.”

Through that program, he has been able to help other refugees like Victoria, Natalia, and Yuri come to Las Vegas.

“You have friends and family, and in one moment you lose everything together. You come here and you’re in depression and we try to do some gathering for them, something fun for them,” added Palarmarchuck.

Elimelech even helped provide them with housing, transportation, and the proper paperwork to stay and work in the U.S.

“I hope this story will give inspiration to other people to go and help like how our sponsors helped people,” Palamarchuck added.

Essential items and baby products like formula and diapers are always needed.

“Anything can help. We try to give a lot of clothing and essentials. Sometimes it’s not enough to just watch the news or give hearts or likes on Facebook or Instagram,” Elimelech explained. “Sometimes you need to act.”

To donate or to help, you can also contact Ohad at 702-778-4663 and you can email at

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To learn more about the Uniting for Ukraine program, click here.