LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “Astound Group” is described as a creative agency specializing in the construction of elaborate trade show exhibits. With conventions now being cancelled here in Las Vegas and around the world, the company is looking to help those on the front lines.

Astound Group located in the northeast valley. Before COVID-19, their warehouse was busy with workers making exhibits and displays for conventions.

“To me this is about creative problem solving and rapid deployment,” said Dale Morgan — Chief Operating Officer of Astound Group. “Now we have a large warehouse that could be put to good use.”

As the virus became a reality here and conventions cancelled – business slowed down. Morgan now wants to put their skills to good use in a time of need. So, his company made these:

The company’s Toronto office was approached by an area hospital to make a structure that would separate ER workers from being direct contact with patients.

“We wanted it to be easy to build and quickly deployed,” Morgan said. “We developed with them using special material antimicrobial laminates. We wanted it to be an easy solution and easy to build.”

Morgan says he is already in contact with some Las Vegas area companies interested in the kiosks. He says they are capable of getting creative and making many more.

For him this is about using available resources to help in the fight.

“We could roll this out nationally at scale pretty quickly,” Morgan said. “This is about speed right now and getting this out there to protect the front-line workers and in turn protect the community from further spread of the virus.”

For more information on what Astound Group is doing during this time of need and a link to the kiosks design plan, CLICK HERE.