Local bike shop sees boom in business as more Las Vegans turn to cycling

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is a biking boom in Las Vegas, with more people pedaling on the pavement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the past several weeks during the shutdown, cyclists from Red Rock to the Las Vegas Strip are all trying to stay active and keep busy.

“The Las Vegas Boulevard is being used like a fitness trail. It’s pretty awesome,” said Dan Kalny, a shift manager at local bike shop McGhie’s Ski, Bike & Board.

All the activity is giving McGhie’s a boost in business. With curbside pickup now an option, they are selling between 20 and 50 bikes a week. Some of their racks are already empty.

“A lot of people are looking for their first bike. They’re deciding that the bike is a good way to get outside,” Kalny said. “We are seeing a big increase in hybrid sales. I like to call them city bikes.”

The service center at McGhie’s is also very busy, with staff taking care of 85 bikes right now. This is far more than they usually do. The repaired bikes form a fleet of their own inside the shop.

Godwin Membrere just picked up his bicycle, grateful that McGhie’s could help.

“I replaced the hood for the rear sprocket and the rear brake. I fixed it,” Membrere said. “At least once a day, I try to go at least three, four miles.”

Many avid cyclists, like Steve Landess, say their trails are more crowded now.

“Rarely see anybody out there, maybe one or two people, if I’m out there an hour or two, and now, all day, every day, there’s people coming and going in both directions,” Landess said.

McGhie’s staff hopes this trend continues beyond the pandemic.

“To see a lot of new cyclists out there … can only make it safer and make it more resources going toward bicycling in Las Vegas,” Kalny said.

If you are in the market for a bicycle, you can find them online or in-store when shops are fully open again. Prices range around $100 on the lower end, $300-$600 for a high-quality bike and over $1,000 for the lightest, high-end carbon and titanium bikes.

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