Local bar owner reacts to Sisolak’s latest COVID-19 directive

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As Governor Steve Sisolak announced a rollback of certain COVID-19 restrictions to slow the virus spread across our state, one local bar owner said the second closure will be tough on his employees and his family. 

“I wasn’t surprised this was going to happen,” Brian Slipock, owner of Jackson’s Bar & Grill said. “I am shocked by the timing of it.”

Slipock shared his initial reaction with 8 News Now, stating that his business followed all rules related to social distancing and mask mandates after reopening. 

“Smaller guys like us, we followed the rules,” he said. “Because this is our business, this is how we support our families.”

After an initial months long closure in March, his business has to shut down again by Friday at 11:59 p.m., as Governor Sisolak announced a rollback to phase one of COVID-19 closures to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

“Federal representatives advised us that if Nevada did not take swift policy action to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout our state,” Governor Sisolak explained. “We would likely be in a precarious position where hospitals are overwhelmed in the very near future.”

Sisolak also said many establishments haven’t followed mask mandates, which he calls crucial to keep everyone safe. 

“Masks are not partisan, they are not political, they are not a joke, they are not funny,” Sisolak stated. “It is costing lives to have people not masked.”

Meanwhile, Slipock understands tough moves have to be made, but he believes some should extend farther. 

“He wants to slow down the spiking and the spread of COVID,” Slipock said of Sisolak’s decision. “We all understand that, but why didn’t he also close down the casinos?”

He also encourages others to do their part so he can keep serving his community and supporting his family.

“If we ask you to put on the mask please put on the mask and work with us,” Slipock asked. “And make it easier for everybody.”

Slipock said his establishment does serve food, so he can technically stay open under the latest directive, but his main revenue comes from bar sales and gaming, which will not be able to operate. 

Slipock’s business employs 20 people. He said he’s been in contact with all of them regarding the closure. He also said his entire staff will have to go back on state unemployment until he can open his doors again.  

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