LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League, or SNARL, told 8 News Now a couple reached out to them, asking for help on Tuesday, after finding nine Pitbull-mix puppies left in a box in a dumpster of a North Las Vegas apartment complex near Cheyenne Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

SNARL said the puppies’ mother was nowhere to be found, and it appeared the puppies were deliberately dumped.

Rescue leaders said they want to remind everyone that there are resources available, and there’s no reason to ever abandon an animal. 

“There are so many options out there, for people to reach out and like reach out to rescues, The Animal Foundation,” SNARL Managing Director Kylie Womack said. “For someone to take care of these puppies, and if we could find Mom, that would be great for mom to be reunited with her babies.”

The puppies are now with a foster dog who recently had puppies and is still able to feed them. 

If you have any information as to where these puppies may have come from, please contact Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League HERE