LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A school in the Las Vegas valley is investing in the next generation of female leaders.

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, 8 News Now wanted to highlight the Girls Athletic Leadership School, also known as “GALS.”

The all-girls middle school, which opened its doors for the first time this year, is creating a sisterhood.

“I have more friends and I can talk to more people without people yelling at me,” said Tanessa Boggs, a 6th grader at the school.

GALS was founded by Jennifer McCloskey. Closing the gender gap is her passion and it stems from personal experience.

McCloskey worked in male-dominated professional environments for decades.

“Had I attended GALS back in the 70s when I was going to middle school, I would’ve had a stronger voice. I would’ve understood myself better and I would’ve been able to advocate for my needs better,” the founder and executive director said.

Students who were failing at their other schools notice a change. Personalized attention at GALS allows them to excel, eventually turning C’s and D’s into A’s and B’s.

“The teachers are really helpful and you can get a lot of work done,” Tanessa said. “In elementary school, I did not have good grades and now, I do.”

GALS LV is located at 920 Cottage Grove Avenue in Las Vegas.

“I don’t like math, but I’m good at it,” said Matalyn Bradley, a 6th grade student at GALS. “This place made a difference.”

McCloskey is investing in the girls today so that the future is not just bright for them, but for everyone.

“They have an immense sense of pride. They have an immense sense of ‘I am capable, I can excel in the world,'” McCloskey explained. “It’s been an amazing experience. They walk around now with their heads held high. They believe in themselves more and they believe they have more opportunities.”

The middle school is tuition free. GALS is accepting applications for the upcoming school year.

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