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History was brought to life through the words of fourth grade students at Thiriot Elementary School with a “Living History Museum” to honor Black History Month. 

Students researched famous African Americans, and their impact on, and contribution to American culture.

Fourth grader Amaia Lopez said, “I think it’s important because they’ve changed so much in our world that things wouldn’t be today.”

The culmination of the project was for students to dress up as the person they were honoring, and present, when prompted, to bring these impressive individuals, both alive, and long since passed, to museum visitors of fellow students, teachers, and proud parents.

Their teacher Rhonda David talked about the preparation process, “They practiced with their classmates. They even practice with their family members, and they come to school ready to perform.”

As one walked the halls, you’d hear details, anecdotes, and quotes from Thurgood Marshall, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Dr. Martin Luther King, Wilma Rudolph, Michelle Obama, Muhammed Ali, Harriet Tubman, Oprah Winfrey, Booker T. Washington, and Ray Charles among many others.

Every few steps brought a new person, and their message.

Miss Davis has been doing this for eight years. Students love her class, and eagerly look forward to the “Living Museum!”

Another participating student Fatima Tajmouati, added that knowledge is passed down from previous students. “My sister was in Miss Davis’ class and she did the same thing….she was Michelle Obama. So she taught me a bit about Michelle Obama, so now I’m teaching her about Oprah Winfrey.”

Their leader, Miss Davis, summed up the project, and it’s success, “When you look at where the students started in the beginning of the year up until this point. and having this project take them to an even higher level, it’s very emotional.”

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