Protest caravan on Las Vegas Boulevard in support of opening Nevada

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A protest caravan was organized for April 24 at 2 p.m. by local radio host, Wayne Allyn Root of 790 AM, and called the “Open Nevada, Unleash Prosperity, Save America” patriot protest.

The caravan started on Las Vegas Boulevard in the Premium Outlet Mall parking lot and ended at the Grant Sawyer Building on 555 E. Washington Avenue.

8 News Now Photojournalist, Eric Jungblut was on the scene and could see 200 cars participating in the caravan and more arriving.

According to an interview with Root, he hosted the caravan to ‘Save America’, requesting that participants follow coronavirus guidelines and call into his 790 AM radio show, hosted from his car at the event until 6 p.m., to share their thoughts in support of opening Nevada.

In the interview given to 8 News Now’s, Root said, “Americas badly divided…you take the people who vote Republican in this country, they are the working people of the private sector…we’re the ones being wrecked right now. We’re the ones with no income. We’re the ones you’re holding back for the fact that a tiny percent of people are sick, and a tiny percent of people are just at risk and a large percent are younger and healthier and willing to go out there with proper social protocols and guidelines…We wanna open the Nevada economy. “

Root says the event was the ‘safest protest ever’ with over a thousand cars and no one was at risk.

“We are willing to fight and keep America great, ” added Root.

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