White House coronavirus task force update March 30

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — President Trump held a coronavirus task force news briefing March 30 in the White House Rose Garden. Several companies are joining his efforts in the fight to flatten the curve of the virus spread. Trump spoke about the importance of protecting the American people and those on the front lines of the virus war.

President Trump says that the current national guidelines will stay in place, including travel restrictions to the European Union, Canada, and Mexico, and that more restrictions may be added.

“They’ll be staying and we may add a few more, but the guidelines will be very much as they are, maybe even toughed up a little bit. But they’re having a big impact, they’re having a tremendous impact and we’re starting to see it. And that’s the key, we’re starting to see the impact that they’re having,” said President Trump.

Dr. Stephen Hahn, the commissioner for the FDA, introduced a new point-of-care test that can detect COVID-19 in as little as five minutes at the daily coronavirus briefing at the White House on Monday.

The test can be used at any place where a patient might receive care and can give results between five and 15 minutes. This device can allow a doctor to prescribe a treatment plan sooner.

With more than one million samples tested, the President says America is prepared to fight this invisible war.

The latest efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic include the United States testing nearly 100,000 samples a day, a level he said no other country has reached,” said Health & Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar quoting the President.

Speaking on efforts their individual companies are taking to assist in the war on COVID-19, MyPillow, Honeywell, Jockey, P&G, United Technologies and Raytheon, and FEMA took the podium to detail their actions in support healthcare workers and the American public.

“It is a different war than anybody has ever fought before, but its a war that we’re uniquely qualified to help,” said Greg Hayes, United Technologies, Ratheon.

Members of the media questioned initial statements made by President Trump and how dire projections have affected his new initiatives.

“In fact, I would anticipate that that would happen because of the degree of transmissibility,” said Dr. Fauci regarding COVID-19 possibly returning in Fall.

President Trump says a nationwide stay-at-home order is unlikely at this time.

“Well, we’ve talked about it. There are obviously some parts of the country that are in far deeper trouble than others. There are parts that are frankly not in any trouble at all so hopefully, we’re able to keep it that way in what we’re doing. So we talked about quarantine as you know the other day. A group came to me and they said they wanted to do the quarantine and I said let’s think about it and we studied it and by the time the evening came, it was just something that was very unwieldy, very tough to enforce and something we didn’t want to do. But we did advisory and I think that’s doing very well. I mean I see- you look at the streets. You look at New York- I looked down Fifth Avenue today, they were showing a shot of Fifth Avenue and saw it on primetime and there was almost no one on Fifth Avenue. I’ve never seen that before. There was no car. There was no anything. So I think the people of this country have done an incredible job. If we do that, we will let you know but it’s pretty unlikely I think at this time,” said President Trump.

President Trump mentioned Ohio company, Battelle, and their sterilization technology that will increase mask availability by using their machines to disinfect masks for reuse.

“The FDA has also authorized the Battelle’s N-95 respirator mask sterilization kits, it’s an incredible thing. I’ve been asking why are we throwing the masks away? You look at some of these masks, and they’re significant pieces of equipment and I say how come you’re throwing them away? Why aren’t they using sterilization techniques? And I got a call from Mike DeWine, the governor of Ohio, and he’s a tremendous guy, tremendous governor. And he said we have a company named Battelle, and they’re having a hard time getting approval from the FDA and I called up Dr. Hahn, and within a very short period of time, they got the approval,” said Trump.

Each machine is said to be able to disinfect 120,000 masks per day, with each mask able to go through this process 20 times. With 2 kits are available in Ohio, one in New York and one will soon be shipped to Seattle, Washington, and Washington, D.C, according to the President.

The President believes companies like this will be a great help with the national personal protective equipment shortage.

Regarding Ford ramping up the production of ventilators and sending thousands of ventilators across the country, the President says there will be enough for the American people.

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, recommends, “every governor, every mayor looks very carefully and ensures that their communities are utilizing these guidelines,” in reference to the President’s ’15 Days To Slow The Spread’ guidelines extended until at least April 30.

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