LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — President Trump and the members of the Coronavirus Task Force provide an update on efforts in the fight against COVID-19. One of the big takeaways from the news conference today is that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has new guidance for essential workers as it takes a small step toward reopening the country.

The guidance applies to essential workers, such as those in the health care and food supply industry, who have been within 6 feet of a person who has a confirmed or suspected case of the new coronavirus.

CDC Director Robert Redfield says the employee can return to work as long as they take their temperature before they go to work, wear a face mask at all times and practice social distancing while they are at work.

Redfield said the employees should continue to stay home if they are sick.

He also said employers in those critical industries should take the temperatures of a worker before allowing them to come back to work.

The new guidelines will be posted on

The state of Nevada was mentioned in Wednesday’s news conference in the press room at the White House when a reporter asked President Trump about the Gaming Industry.

Reporter: “The Nevada delegation is unhappy because they found out they’re not available for the PPP ACT. This greatly affects small businesses with casinos.”
Pres. Trump: “Well, I can look at that; it’s a great state, they do a great job so I will look at that very strongly.”

It was also revealed at the Trump Administration’s coronavirus task force news conference that Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philladelphia were emerging as potential hot spots for the coronavirus.

Vice President Mike Pence urged the residents of these cities, and the rest of America to continue to heed the 30-day social distancing guidelines set in place by the Trump administration.

Pence says he spoke to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, and he says Pittsburgh is also being monitored for a possible rise in cases.

New stats show minorities, especially African Americans disproportionately suffer and are affected the most by the new coronavirus. On Wednesday, Dr. Anothony Fauci, the leading expert on infections disease, addressed the issue saying, “It is very painful to see, and I’ve seen it throughout my entire medical career, that the health disparities in the minority community, but particularly the African-American community puts them at risk… for diseases much more so than the general population.”

Dr. Fauci also said, “The double whammy that you suffer now, is when u have this terrible virus, which essentially preys in ultimate deleterious effects on people with those underlying conditions. Please protect yourself if you’re a younger person, and please protect the people who are susceptible.”

During the news conference Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked about how he and the State Department have worked to repatriate Americans abroad. According to Pompeo, “We have bought more than 50,000 Americans back home from more than 90 counties.”

With that said, Pompeo said there are still thousands of Americans the State Department is still working to bring home.

On Tuesday during the news conference, President Trump announced that he was going to ask Congress for an additional $250 billion for small businesses. On Wednesday, Trump reiterated that request saying, “Yesterday I asked Congress to provide an additional 250 billion to expand our paycheck protection program, which is allowing small businesses to keep employees on the payroll and get ready for the opening.”

President Trump said he urged passage of the small business funds “ASAP.”

As doctors and scientist continue to look for a cure, President Trump said 10 drugs are “now in clinical trial.”