President Trump hosts ‘Keep America Great’ rally

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — President Donald Trump attracted thousands to the Las Vegas Convention Center on Friday, where he held a “Keep America Great” rally.

First Vice President Mike Pence took the stage, and then the president greeted his supporters around noon.  He talked about several topics including the political events that are happening here in Nevada this week.

President Trump talked about his success from the economy to immigration.

“I am happy to be back in a state I love; I have a beautiful building down the road,” President Trump said. “You see today — single best day I have ever had in the polls.”

During this busy political week, he talked about some worries regarding the caucus.

“I hear their computers are all messed up just like they were in Iowa,” President Trump said.

The president touched on each candidate running, taking a jab at Elizabeth Warren.

“Pocahontas, she is mean. She is going to be easy,” President Trump said. “I hope it is her, but it is not going to be her. She made a little come back the other night because she took Mini Mike to the cleaners.”

Trump supporters say they came to the rally to help the president win 2020.

“He has done what he said he was going to do,” said supporter Donna McCormick. “He has done the work he is cleaning up the deep state.”

“The more I see, the more he does, the more I support him,” added supporter Gordon Cummins. “What I see on the other side, we have no choice anymore.”

The president says he is hopeful he’ll be able to win Nevada unlike in 2016.

“With your help this November, we are going to defeat the radical socialist democrats, and we are going to win Nevada in a big beautiful landslide,” President Trump announced.

The president was here a good portion of this week, flying in and out of Las Vegas to attend events in western states. Air Force One left Friday afternoon, so there should be no traffic delays moving forward.

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