VIDEO: NLVPD officer fired 5 shots at suspect who sped toward him


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A suspect in a stolen truck who attempted to run from North Las Vegas police — and was fired at five times by an officer — is facing several charges, North Las Vegas police said.

Chief Pamela Ojeda discussed the details of the Sunday shooting at a Wednesday morning news conference. She said officer Robert Kryszczuk, a 23-year veteran with the force, was attempting to make a traffic stop on 34-year-old Felix Cuautle-Coyolt when he sped away.

Ojeda said Cuautle-Coyolt’s truck stalled after a short pursuit and the officer ordered him out of the truck.

“He stopped and drew his weapon ordering the suspect to exit the vehicle. The suspect then restarted the vehicle and lunged toward the suspect before recklessly continuing to flee the area,” Chief Ojeda said. “Officer Kryszczuk quickly moved away from the vehicle as he discharged his weapon several times at the vehicle.”

The suspect drove away traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of the 215 and entered a ramp going in the wrong direction to get access to I-15. Ojeda said it was at that point the driver lost control and the truck and hit a fence. Cuautle-Coyolt ran from the scene and hid in a salvage yard where he was taken into custody.

Cuautle-Coyolt is facing charges of attempted murder, assault on a protected person with a deadly weapon, possession of a stolen vehicle, disobeying officer while endangering others, possession of credit card without owner’s consent and speeding.

Ojeda said Cuautle-Coyolt had misdemeanor traffic violations and a violation for a domestic violence battery Temporary Protective Order.

“It’s very common that people always try to run from the police. It’s often that they try to kill the police officer with their vehicle,” Ojeda said. “But as you can see just how dangerous traffic stops can be. We just had that incident with California Highway Patrol.

A CHP officer was shot to death in a traffic stop on Monday in Riverside, California.

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