NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — North Las Vegas police have released more details regarding the deadly officer-involved shooting that happened on Jan. 2. Officials said in a news conference on Tuesday that the two officers involved in the shooting fired 24 rounds at the suspect, 26-year-old Jamari Tarver.

Tarver is accused of ramming a patrol car following a 24-minute police chase in a stolen car. NLVPD says the two officers involved, officers Aaron Patty and Phillip Schmidt, have been put on paid administrative leave following the incident.

NLVPD released edited versions of the officers’ body camera.

The deadly shooting happened in North Las Vegas near Craig Road and Allen Lane on Jan. 2 just before 1 a.m. According to police, they were attempting to conduct a traffic stop at Alexander Road and Revere Street when they realized Tarver was driving in a stolen car that he carjacked in Metro’s jurisdiction.

NLVPD say Tarver did not stop for officers which led to a vehicle pursuit. The vehicle ended up in a parking lot at Craig Road and Allen Lane. Then, Tarver reportedly put the car in reverse and rammed into several police vehicles. The second patrol vehicle, with officers Patty and Schmidt, became the lead vehicle in the pursuit. According to NLVPD, Tarver again slammed on the brakes when the officers’ vehicle came to a stop behind it.

Officers Patty and Schmidt exited their vehicle with guns drawn and that is when Tarver reportedly put the stolen vehicle in reverse and accelerated toward Officer Schmidt. The officer was then pinned between the patrol car door and the stolen car.

Capt. Pamela Ojeda, NLVPD chief, explained in the press conference that Tarver’s vehicle was being used as “a deadly weapon.”

The officers responded by firing 24 rounds with their weapons. Officers on scene said they gave multiple commands to Tarver to show his hands, but officers did not see any movement.

The officers then pulled Tarver out from the passenger side and began first aid. Medical personnel pronounced Tarver dead at the scene.

Tarver has a lengthy criminal history and was in prison from 2012 to 2018. His previous charges in 2011 included kidnapping, battery with intent to commit sexual assault, sexual assault and open and gross lewdness. Tarver is also a registered felon and was charged with battery with intent to commit robbery and coercion with force in 2011. Domestic battery in 2019 was also part of his criminal history.

The suspect involved, Jamari Tarver, 26.

Capt. Ojeda said that with the incident that happened Jan. 2 and with Tarver’s prior history, she believes “he was obviously a danger to the community.”

Had Tarver lived, he would have faced charges including possession of a stolen vehicle and attempted murder on a police officer.