LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District has launched a pilot program for an instant alert system at nine schools.

The district said the pilot is part of its continued effort to review, assess and address the security of schools to provide a conducive learning environment for students as well as a positive work environment for our staff.

Centegix instant alert system

The alert system is called Centegix and will provide each staff member with a lanyard that has a card and button on it. Staff will be able to click the button to initiate a staff alert if needed.

The lanyard will also initiate a campus-wide emergency lockdown if an intruder were to enter the building.

The alert system works through WIFI and connects to a hub, which then starts activating strobe lights while alerting campus emergency personnel.

Dr. Jesus Jara the CCSD Superintendent told 8 News Now funding for this pilot program was essential to continue adding new safety measures for the new school year.

“It’s reallocating our dollars, this is a priority, our children our staff need to be safe we are prioritizing our existing dollars to make sure our staff is safe,” he said.

Jara also added that the safety tools will not be available for every school in the district by the time the new school year begins but will initially be offered at the larger schools in the district.

Another pilot program is being introduced at El Dorado High School which is audio-based.
CCSD is testing out both methods to see which one will ultimately be chosen when the next school year begins in August.