LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors exhibited to gain or maintain power and control over one’s intimate partner. These behaviors can include physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats designed to control that intimate partner. 

According to the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, there were a total of 26,635 victims of domestic and sexual violence in 2021, including adult and child primary and secondary victims.

In 2022, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported 27 domestic violence-related homicides.

According to the state of Nevada, “Ongoing domestic violence is characterized by a pattern of escalating abuse in which one partner in the relationship controls the other through force, deprivation and/or the threat of deprivation or violence.” Domestic violence is a crime and is prosecutable by law enforcement.

Relationships in which someone is being hurt or abused are incredibly complex, and the decision to get help can only be made by the victim. If you or someone you know is involved in a violent or dangerous situation involving a significant other, 8 News Now has compiled a list of resources below.

Links with an asterisk (*) next to them indicate that they have safety/escape exits immediately available. This means that there is an accessible button you can click on the site at any time that can help you leave the website quickly if needed.

Please keep in mind that your browser history can be monitored without your knowledge and it can never be wiped completely. Remember to clear your history after visiting any of these websites if needed. If you do not feel comfortable navigating these websites, please visit the phone and text resources lower in this article.


This website details plain-language legal information for victims of abuse. Resources include:

  • “Know the Laws — By State,” depending on the state selected, has information listed in a question and answer format to help victims understand their options. This includes information on restraining orders, divorce, custody, child support, state gun laws, parental kidnapping, and state versus federal laws
  • Preparing for court by yourself — including court forms, court system basics, and starting a case
  • Immigration rules
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) housing protections
  • Federal gun laws
  • Danger assessment
  • Email hotline

Domestic Violence Resource Center*

This website offers support for domestic violence victims who need assistance. Resources include:

  • Contact information and hotline for the Domestic Violence Resource Center
  • Weekly support groups (English and Spanish)
  • Temporary protection order information
  • Emergency shelter information
  • Transitional housing program
  • Children’s programs
  • Transportation, food, and clothing assistance
  • Pet shelter

Domestic Violence Resources in the State of Nevada*

This website provides resources for victims and more information about domestic and sexual violence in Nevada. Resources include:

  • Protection order contact list
  • Pseudonym for sexual assault survivors form
  • Protocol for cross-agency response to domestic violence, or a framework for an active relationship between victim advocates and local law enforcement agencies
  • Teen dating violence awareness and prevention materials
  • Types of domestic violence
  • Profile of a domestic violence perpetrator
  • Characteristics of a perpetrator of domestic violence

Nevada 211 Domestic Violence Services*

This website details services for domestic violence victims provided by Nevada 211, a program of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services meant to help Nevadans connect with the services they need. Resources include:

  • Search of local shelters
  • Search of family support centers
  • Domestic violence support group options
  • Abuse counseling

Nevada Domestic Violence Programs and Shelters*

This website provides the services and contact information listed for local Nevada domestic violence and abuse shelters. Resources include:

  • Information for SafeNest emergency shelter
  • Information for The Shade Tree emergency shelter
  • Information for Dock Ellis Foundation emergency shelter
  • Information for Las Vegas Rescue Mission

LVMPD Victim Services

This website provides all victim services available by LVMPD. Resources include:

  • Child abuse hotline
  • SafeNest hotline
  • Harassment/stalking orders hotline
  • LVMPD domestic violence unit contact
  • LVMPD Family Violence Intervention Program (for Domestic Violence Protection Orders) contact

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence*

This website provides news articles, webinars, and media coverage about domestic violence information and support. Resources include:

  • Information about patterns and signs of abuse and how abuse can affect victims
  • Other organizations that offer help and information to victims

National Domestic Violence Hotline Website*

This website provides information and resources on a national level for victims. Resources include:

  • Creating a safety plan
  • Local resource search
  • Healthcare and health center information and adverse health impacts of abuse
  • Links to legal help

Love is Respect*

This website provides information for youths about healthy relationships, signs of abuse, and provides safety advice. Resources include:

  • Phone or text hotline for help
  • Relationship spectrum and power and control visual wheel
  • Creating a safety plan

Protection Order Contact List

This link leads to a PDF of all addresses, websites, and phone contacts to file a protection order in any Nevada county.

Making a safety plan (according to LVMPD):

  • Keep a bag packed and include your important papers. If you have to leave quickly, it will be ready.
  • Keep a written log of any contact, harassment or abuse, including date and time of the incidents and witnesses. This information will be helpful if you file a police report.
  • Save answering machine tapes, caller ID records, or call traces. They can be used to substantiate your complaint.
  • Let neighbors, co-workers, and friends know what is going on so they can keep an eye on you.
  • Don’t be embarrassed. Keeping the adverse party’s behavior a secret could be dangerous for others as well as yourself.
  • Keep a copy of your protection order at all the places listed. Give a copy to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.
  • Once the adverse party is out of the residence, change the locks.
  • Keep the exterior of your home well-lit and trim any shrubs.
  • Change your daily habits. Take new routes to work, try a new supermarket. Don’t make it easy to be followed.
  • DO NOT meet with the adverse party, even if that person promises to return belongings or to resolve differences.
  • Always ask for a police escort to retrieve belongings or return property.
  • If you can’t avoid an attack, try to stay out or get out of the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or any place where there are sharp or heavy objects that can be used as weapons.

Phone Hotlines

Clark County

  • SafeNest: 702-646-4981
  • Rape Crisis Center: 702-366-1640 OR 1-888-366-1040
  • S.A.F.E. House, Inc.: 702-564-3227
  • Immigrant Home Foundation: 702-889-4431
  • The Shade Tree: 702-385-0072

Washoe County:

  • A Safe Embrace: 775-322-3466
  • Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada: 775-355-0600
  • Tu Casa Latina: 775-432-9929

Carson, Lyon, and Storey Counties

  • Advocates to End Domestic Violence: 775-883-7654

Churchill County

  • Domestic Violence Intervention, Inc.: 775-427-1500

Douglas County

  • Family Support Council: 775-782-8692

Elko, Eureka, Lander and White Pine Counties

  • Committee Against Domestic Violence: 775-738-9454

Humboldt County:

  • Winnemucca Domestic Violence Services, Inc.: 775-421-1028

Pershing County:

  • Domestic Violence Intervention: 775-442-1353

Other Hotlines

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
  • Domestic Violence Resource Center: 775-329-4150
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
  • Nevada Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE): 1-888-268-8463
  • LVMPD Victim Advocates: 702-828-2955