LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A family needs your help to find six of their bulldogs, some of which were puppies. 

The family has a licensed breeding business called Light Skin Bullies LLC, and they said someone broke into their home and stole the dogs on the east side of the valley. 

Calvin Thomas is the owner of the business, and he told 8 News Now he dedicated years to get the puppies to a certain type of French bulldog. His dogs are also certified by the American Kennel Club. 

He believes that because of how rare his dogs were, they were stolen. 

One of his dogs that was left is named Coco. She is a two-year-old chocolate trindle French bulldog. 

Six of Coco’s family members were stolen from Thomas’s house.

“I do this job 24/7. When I took in these animals, they are more like my children. I put all my dedication into it,” Thomas said. “They are very unique looking. They are not going to be your regular dog.”

Their piercing eyes and unique fur are hard to miss. 

Thomas recalled the evening in January when he stepped away from his house and surveillance video caught two people jumping over a wall in their yard to get to his house. 

When Thomas returned, his house was ransacked and six of his dogs were gone, with one dog just a few months old. 

“My whole heart dropped,” Thomas said. 

Each of his dogs cost a pretty penny. 

“With their bloodline, they could be ranging from 5K to 20K,” Thomas said. 

For days, Thomas had been putting out fliers trying to get his dogs back but has had no luck.

Source: Calvin Thomas

When asked what he would say to the people who took his dog, Thomas responded emphatically.

“I would say what you guys took, you didn’t earn. It is not something you can pride over when you are walking the streets with that dog.”

A police report has been made but Thomas said all his dogs were microchipped. If you think you spot one of his dogs please reach out to Metro.