Liberty High student fights for his life; mom opens up about son’s brain tumor

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An unexpected illness has a student at Liberty High School, fighting for his life. Liam Edge, 16, has a large tumor in his brain, and according to his mother, it has completely changed his life.

“He means everything to us; my family doesn’t work without him,” said Julieanna Edge, Liam’s mom.

Edge is still very much in shock over her son’s condition because just days ago he was an active teen who loved tennis, rock climbing, and video production, now he’s in the hospital hooked up to machines.

“He’s one of the anchors if you will, for Liberty High School and that’s what he wants to do someday,” Edge said.

Liam Edge

That was until Liam’s world turned upside down.

“He came into our room and woke us up at 12:20 in the early Saturday morning, and he said something is wrong,” Edge said. “I’m numb on the left side of my body; my head hurt,” is what Edge said Liam described what was wrong with him.

Edge immediately called 9-1-1.

“They had to transfer him to UMC Children’s ICU department where they did an MRI, and it confirmed that he has a large mass; it’s a tumor in the middle of his brain that’s pretty hard to get to,” Edge said.

Liam Edge’s brain tumor.

UMC doctors recommended a specialist, so Liam was transferred to Texas children’s hospital in Houston.

Liam being transported to a Children’s Hospital in Texas.

“They don’t know yet if the tumor is slow-growing or rapid growing; we won’t know that until after surgery,” according to Edge.

While the Edge’s have family in Houston, they are also concerned about how to move forward with treatment for Liam.

“Both of us have been with our companies less than a year, so legally we don’t qualify for FMLA,” Edge said. “No parent should ever have to see their child like this and only be concerned [with] how they are going to pay for it.”

Despite the financial worries, teachers and students at Liberty High School have decided to step in and help.

“It was devastating; like any time something happens because of course, us teachers they’re our kids forever,” said Deesha Dyvig, Liam’s 10th grade English teacher.

“I had several kids reach out to me already saying that they want to do something for Liam,” Christy Stephens, Liam’s video production teacher said.

“We are the people looking to help, and we’re in a situation right now we’re; it’s very hard, but we feel like we have to ask for help,” said Stephens.

Liam’s family does not know if his tumor is cancerous, but they hope to find out more details after the surgery. A GoFundMe account has been set up for Liam. To donate, go here.

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