LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — According to a new survey, some Vegas-centric pet names are growing in popularity as Las Vegas pet owners decide what to dub their new furry friends.

Rover, an online marketplace for pet owners, has released the results of its 11th annual “Most Popular Pet Names” report, detailing not only the most common pet names across the country but also the top-trending names that pet owners are increasingly embracing in the United States.

According to the report, Las Vegas-related pet names are trending upward for the entertainment capital of the world in 2023. Liberace and Sin are increasingly popular pet names, up 197% and 42% respectively. As are Bingo and Keno, up 41% and 19%, reflecting Vegas’ status as a gambling hot spot.

Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is name-dropped in the 2023 edition of the list, with Davante joining Madame and Roy as newcomers to the list. Additionally, Vegas-related music legends are seeing growth on the list, with Sinatra and Elvis up 20%, and Britney growing 11%.

Nationwide, the top 10 most popular dog names in the US include Cooper, Bear, Leo for male dogs and Lucy, Lily, and Zoe for females. Rover included a list specifically tuned to the names chosen by Las Vegas pet owners. Their list is as follows:

Top 5 Male Dog Names in Las VegasTop 5 Female Dog Names in Las Vegas
1. Milo1. Luna
2. Charlie2. Bella
3. Max3. Coco
4. Teddy4. Lola
5. Rocky5. Daisy
According to

American pet owners have their favorite cat names as well. Cat parents nationwide have spoken and the names Bella, Lucy, Leo, and Lily made the list of most popular cat names in the US. In Las Vegas, specifically, the god of mischief and The Lion King’s queen are name-dropped on the list. Las Vegas’ favorite feline names are as follows:

Top 5 Male Cat Names in Las VegasTop 5 Female Cat Names in Las Vegas
1. Oliver1. Luna
2. Loki2. Kitty
3. Smokey3. Sage
4. Charlie4. Nala
5. Max5. Cleo
According to

The results of Rover’s report, released Tuesday, were compiled using data provided by “millions” of the site’s users, per the site. More information from the reports (for both dogs and cats), including the most popular breeds of 2023 and a pet-name “generator,” can be found at

Michael Bartiromo, and the Nexstar Media Wire contributed to this story.