Let everything go at the FREE Poo-Pourri Giant Poo Experience at Lyft Art Park

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Downtown Las Vegas is big on poop this weekend but in a good way! This Friday, Dec. 6, Poo-Pourri’s 30-ft.-tall inflatable Giant Poo experience was set up at the Lyft Art Park. Everyone’s favorite before-you-go toilet spray and its founder Suzy Batizoffer hope the giant poop emoji looking inflatable will offer an experience of release.

With a clever hashtag of #LetThat💩Go, it’s easy to understand what the brand is hoping people will gain from the experience.

A statement said:

“For over a decade, Poo~Pourri has been taking the stink and shame out of letting sh*t go—literally. Now, they’re teaching the world how to let go of a different kind of crap—toxic thoughts. Self-sabotaging thoughts that, when held in, weigh us down, constipate our minds and hold us back from showing up as our authentic selves. I’m not enough; I’m behind in life; I feel jealous, I’m different. By letting these types of toxic thoughts go, we gain confidence, create space for good to come in, and feel at peace to just…be.”

So for those in attendance, remember the goal is to have “a mind-blowing, transformative, immersive 360° experience that pushes out the bad sht, [and] makes room for the good sht.”

The Giant Poo experience is FREE and open to the public Dec. 6-8.

Giant Poo launched in LA in October, racking up celebrity fans like Busy Philipps and Wells Adams, among others. It will tour its way across America, stopping in 20+ cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami and, Poo-Pourri’s hometown of Dallas, through May 2020.

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