LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A teen is in a juvenile detention center after a violent attack on a school secretary.  

There was never anything that was made public about this incident earlier this week but a teacher at Legacy High School teacher came forward exclusively to 8 News Now saying a student attacked a school secretary Monday morning.

A screenshot of the incident report that was uploaded to a school portal was given to 8 News Now by sources at Legacy High School which details the attack on the principal’s secretary. 

It says the student was punching her in the head and choking her. 

“We as teachers are kind of done, we need to feel safe and we don’t,” said a teacher who wished to remain anonymous. 

The Monday morning attack happened right before classes started. 

“We never heard from admin or principal nobody even spoke to us about it,” the teacher said. 

Clark County School District Police confirms to 8 News Now reporter Victoria Saha it was a 17-year-old female student involved. 

“Honestly, the battery against our staff is very rare but again when it happens it is one of things that strikes us to our core because we are there for the staff and students,” said CCSD PD Lt. Bryan Zink. 

Lt. Zink said when two school officers were trying to arrest the student, she fought back. 
The incident report said another employee also tried to intervene.

Lt. Zink said school staff has the right to defend themselves to a point where they aren’t attacking or battering the other person.

The incident report also states that the student sent a threatening email to a teacher that morning who then stayed home in fear of her safety. 

This student faces multiple charges which include battery on a protective person, coercion, disorderly conduct, damage to school property, threatening to cause bodily harm to a CCSD employee, they are going to add a burglary charge.