LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Lee Canyon staff had a busy holiday weekend, but new technology introduced this season is making the experience for those hitting the slopes quicker and more organized.

While the Las Vegas valley is expected to have a mild Christmas holiday, unlike other parts of the country, there is fresh snow an hour away, along with skiers and snowboarders enjoying it.

“Lee Canyon has some really good snow, like early on in the season, so I love coming here,” Michelle Carter said.

She was with her friend Daniela Caudrillier on Saturday, Christmas Eve.

“It was my first season skiing last year in Utah, I went every weekend. But here for my second season, it’ll do,” Caudrillier said.

This season Lee Canyon introduced new lift gates that read a guest’s reloadable RFID card. RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and it helps decrease the lines for lifts.

“With these, it’s a lot more efficient. It’s a lot more organized. The lift operators don’t have to worry about weaving through the crowds, hand scanning each person,” Lee Canyon Marketing Director Jim Seely said.

Lee Canyon began using RFID technology in 2020. This year’s lift gates were part of an effort to continue improving the skiing experience. The gates open once they sense a person’s card.

“The holiday period among all ski areas in North America are the busiest times. Kids get their skis or snowboards from Santa, and they come out here, so we get a lot of volume during this period,” Seely said.

Some people hitting the slopes on Saturday already noticed the difference in having these gates.

“Usually, there’s like these long lines and then they have to…scan you [with] their little scanner. But these things are so much more convenient,” Sylas Duffy, who was snowboarding with his brother Attice, said.

“With these, it’s not even a line. It’s actually pretty efficient,” Attice Duffy said.

RFID also cuts down on the use of paper as people can just reload the plastic card they have.