LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It is a sound no one wants to hear from the inside: rain coming into a home or building. Some people across the Las Vegas Valley were hearing that sound after a severe thunderstorm quickly dumped rain Thursday night.

Rain even poured into an 8 News Now studio.

“What happens when that water starts pouring into their house?” 8 News Now’s David Charns asked Alex Harutyunyan of Allstate Service Group.

“Oof!” was his initial response. Water may be the source of life, but it is not a good thing when it is pouring from the ceiling.

“As a contractor, what are you looking for?” Charns asked.

“I’m looking where the water went,” Harutyunyan. “You see the water here, but that water is able to travel to the other room or the bathroom.”

Allstate Service Group is on the front lines of the cleanup. Rain coming through your roof can cause a lot of damage, whether it is getting everything wet or sticking around in the walls.

Mold and water damage on the ceiling tile of a home. (Getty Images)

“Is that type of insurance people here in southern Nevada already have and are already paying for but we just don’t know it?” Charns asked Susan Bauman, executive director of Nevada Independent Insurance Agents.

“Typically, you’re going to have some coverage, but it just depends on the cause of the flood,” Bauman said, adding even if you think your insurance covers everything, if you could have prevented the damage, your policy may not cover it.

Examples include not clearing out the drains you are responsible for or not keeping up with roof maintenance.

“If it’s due to the management of maintaining your home or your business, then there might be some liability that falls on you,” she said.

The best thing Harutyunyan and Bauman said, prepare ahead of time. You can do that by making sure your roof is in good shape before the next storm.

“It’s going to damage the house and once it does and the typical homeowner needs to deal with it,” Harutyunyan said.

Several 8 News Now viewers shared videos of water coming through the ceiling at Planet Hollywood. In one video, a ceiling tile appeared to crash onto a gaming table below.

A rain gauge near the Strip recorded a total of about an inch of rain. Harry Reid International Airport, just off the Strip, reported one-third of an inch.